Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Beginning Told in the Middle

Welcome to my first blog. I created this blog to tell my story, a heart-breaking and infuriating story, about my quest for a literary agent.

Before I jump into my long line of rejection letters and futile attempts of editing my manuscript until I was almost too tired to see every night, I believe you should learn a little bit about who I am. I was born and raised in a small town, to a poor family with some issues. So while everyone around me grew up with dreams of college and getting a great job, I dreamed about getting a job so that I could afford to pay the electric bill. I did go to community college for a year, and learned that I could not hold down a full time job and stay awake for a full course load of classes. Still through all of that time I took refuge in writing stories for myself.

Anytime I was angry or upset I would scream it out on paper and the world would be right again. My old outdated laptop quickly became my best friend at a young age. My laptop could take all the harsh and unyielding obstacles from my life and make them seem smaller than I had imaginged.

So through the years my stories sat on that laptop in storage, while I returned to read them from time to time. Then life decided to throw me a curveball and I was laid off from my full time job. I am still having trouble finding a job and paying bills at home, but the time off did give me the time to finally return to writing again. I picked up a story that I had started to write when I was sixteen years old and rewrote the entire thing. The day I finished the story I sat back in satisfaction and patted myself on the back, because even if it never got published I would still have done something that some people never are able to do. I had written a novel. An excellent novel, in my own opinion, but still a novel.

In the process of rewriting the story I fell in love with my characters all over again. I loved how they reacted to the fascinating and exciting things that were happening in their lives, while my own life was at a standstill. In short I began to live vicariously through my characters, because cooking dinner and doing dishes does not exactly seem like the most exciting thing in the world at this point in my life.

In sent my characters to places that I had secretly been dreaming about visiting for years, like Stonehenge and the fairy rings of Avebury. Seeing the world opening before their eyes, like I wished it was doing for my own.

Then after a few nudges from my significant other I decided that my novel might be worthy of being published. Publication was always my ultimate goal for my life. I had loved reading since I discovered that I could escape into a novel and leave the small town life I held behind. So I began the long journey of querying the many literary agents that were accepting fictional fantasy novels.

Now after almost thirty rejection letters I sit here in front of my computer screen, writing my story for anyone who wishes to read it. My novel is still waiting for the right person to find it and say, "Alright this is exactly what we were looking for." So while I sit and wait for however many days, weeks, months, or years it might take to get my first novel published, I invite you to read my blog and wait with me.

I might make it to being published one day and for anyone else out there looking to get published, I advise you to not give up hope. Do not throw the baby out with the bath water and give up on yourself. You and I are sitting in the same boat on the same creek with no paddles. We both just have to wait for a little bit of rain, and hopefully the current will push us on our way.