Sunday, April 27, 2014

Visions of Prophecy by Brooke Dorn is now published!

After many many many rewrites, edits, query letters, rejections, and tears my book has finally been self published. I originally published in January but went through one final rewrite today. It is available on,, and on Kindle. 

I finally had enough of sitting and waiting for an acceptance letter that may never come. So now while I try out a few more options my book is for sale and I have been getting some great feedback. 

I think the Kindle rewrite was probably the most difficult part of the whole experience. While my book looked great in print form, my Kindle upload went all wonky on me. 

Still now that it's all done I feel a great sense of accomplishment and I'm super happy. Thank you, amazon, and Kindle for giving me the tools to breathe life into my book.

Any readers who love a good fictional fantasy novel be sure to check out my book. I'm sure you will not be disappointed.