Friday, August 16, 2013

Fellow Bloggers Look Out For! Calling All Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Comic Book Fans!

I got an interesting email yesterday from Del Rey books and opened it up to discover a new form of blogging. is a website that caters to bloggers with interests in science fiction, fantasy, and comic books. If you join their panel you can pull content directly from your blog for republishing directly through their site.

Their site also features book reviews, new book releases, gaming news, contests, and much more! There was so much content that I didn't have enough time to get through all of it yet, and I probably never will.

Still if you are a blogger looking for a little extra exposure for your blog then this is surely a place to check out. Join the panel and start submitting your blog posts for editing through the suvudu panel. You won't be sorry after you receive all the extra attention that your blog deserves.

Another nice little feature that this website offer is that yours blog can be directly connected to your twitter page. That way anyone following you will know right away if you make a new blog post. Which is great in today's world where everyone's twitter is connected to their cell phone.

I highly recommend checking this site out at some point when you get the chance. It offers bloggers a whole new take on getting their material out there!