Friday, August 16, 2013

Ekphrastia Gone Wild! Coming Soon!

A few months ago I sent a three poems in to be considered for publication in a new anthology of poetry called Ekphrastia Gone Wild. The contest was being held by the Poetry Super Highway with a little help from Rick Lupert. After I had forgotten all about my art themed poetry submission, I received an email notifying me that two of my three poems had been chosen to include in the anthology.

So now I am sitting back and waiting for my contributor's copy in a state of shock after hearing that I am going to have poems published in the same anthology as  Nobel Prize winner Wislawa Szymborska! This confirmation of my writing skills seemed to be just the boost I needed for my career, because since receiving this news I have started writing two additional novels.

I will still always hold out hope that my novel Visions of Prophecy will eventually get published due to the hundreds of query letters I send out. Until that point I will keep writing my new novels and hope that they will surpass the greatness of my first novel. So while I have your attention, keep an eye out for Ekphrastia Gone Wild, due out sometime in 2013!