Thursday, December 6, 2012

Life is a Vicious Cycle

I recieved more rejection letters today. It seems to hurt just a tiny bit more when they all arrive in a bundle. Just the thought of all those impersonal rejection letters in my inbox makes me dread checking my email somedays. Still I must continue on and persevere. If I want my novel to stand a chance in the world of being published, I must continue to edit and query. Even when my rejection pile reaches three digits I still don't believe that I will be finished. Afterall there are many now best selling authors who have pile upon pile of old rejection letters sitting in their house.

On a happier note I have been able to put some of my creativity to use by writing some book reviews on It really is a great place to vent some creativity so if there are any readers or writers out there reading my blog, check the site out sometime. It really gives me a chance to clear my head somedays. Although I guess writing anything in general makes me feel that way sometimes.

As a final note I'm signing out with a passionate holler to every aspiring writer out there. No matter how many times you get rejected, just keep on trying everybody. Afterall it only takes one yes out of thousands of nos to change your life.

Thanks for reading everybody!