Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Silence of Waiting

I sent off another list of queries to different agencies recently and am now playing the waiting game again. It's strange how empty your inbox looks every morning when you log on anxiously to check for a response and find nothing. It's almost like throwing a rock into a pitch black pit with an unknown depth. You just sit next to the pit for what seems an eternity until you hear the thump that tells you that it has finally reached the bottom.

In the meantime to keep myself busy I have been reading books, editing my novel, changing my query letter, and writing book reviews. Also I have just recently started writing another fiction novel. I don't want to disappoint myself by thinking that my career as an author would be over simply because I can't seem to find a literary agent for the first thing I have ever written. So I will keep sending out feelers and waiting for answers while I make myself happy by writing another novel.

I'll end this by saying thank you for reading and for all aspiring authors out there, don't forget to give yourself a break from all the rejection once and awhile. Do something that will make you happy for awhile and then start trying again. Good luck everyone and good night!